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Affidavit Translation Services

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Get Your Court Proceedings Moving with Our Expert Affidavit Translation Services

Affidavits are sworn and signed statements of fact that are used in court proceedings where verified accounts are needed. In the US court system, attorneys usually write affidavits, and it is a pretty easy job for them. But what happens when the person who is meant to sign the affidavit does not speak English?

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The affiants will not sign a crucial legal document that they cannot even read. They will not give their nod to a document that they do not understand. So, what will you do when there is a non-English speaking affiant in front of you? This is where affidavit translation services come into the picture. Creating affidavits that affiants can sign requires precise and high-quality translation, and that is exactly what we bring to the table.

The affidavit translators understand the value of such documents and they make sure that each word gets translated with exactness. They aim to make sure that there is no ambiguity in the mind of an affiant reading the translated affidavit.

Benefits of Certified Affidavit Translation Services

Hiring professional affidavit translation services comes with its own set of benefits. The top five benefits of the services are mentioned below:

  • The affiant will stand behind the affidavit only when they can fully understand the meaning of it.
  • It helps in ensuring that the court proceedings move fast and effectively.
  • Such services offer translation in multiple languages to make sure that no affidavit is impossible to translate.
  • Prevents the affiant from rejecting the affidavit for the lack of understanding or difference in meaning compared to the actual document.
  • It makes the work of an attorney easier and they can move ahead with the case faster.

Why Choose Vanan Services For Affidavit Document Translation Services?

Vanan Services has a proven track record of proficiency in translating affidavits. We have native-speaking translators in hundreds of languages who have worked in the translation industry for years to gain further expertise in the work. Most importantly, our translators are from the legal background having the required qualifications and industry experience.

Our translators will offer you a precise translation of the affidavit to ensure that each nuance and detail gets clearly communicated. Additionally, we are an ISO 9001:2015 accredited company, so our translations are accepted globally.

We are well aware of the need to maintain confidentiality in translating legal documents and the crucial importance of accuracy in the documentation that may decide a court case. Thus, our services come with a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) that denies third parties from accessing your documents.

You can be assured that your affidavit translation is in skilled and safe hands with our certified affidavit translation services. And for any doubts and queries, you can reach us 24/7 via call, email, or chat. We are waiting to work with you!


1. What is the quick process to get affidavits translated from you?

You need to enter your details on our website to get a free quote and then you can place your order. We will rush to kick start the work and complete the project as quickly as possible.

2. What is the assurance of security when translating documents from you?

Your projects will get transmitted through our resilient security system to prevent a breach of trust. Additionally, we will sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to vouch that third parties will not have access to your documents.

3. What kind of affidavit translation services do you use?

We always use human translators who will understand each and every requirement of your assignment and translate accordingly and that too within a reasonable price range. If you place any order of bulk translation, you will get a discount as well.

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