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Cutting Edge Technology for DVD Closed captioning Services

Generally, if the distributor has decided to go for a DVD closed captioning, each copy of the title wіll have captions available. Our DVD closed captioning Services has cutting edge software that is able to subtitle and closed caption for DVD. The first thing you need in order to get something closed captioned is a transcript. There are several ways to create one, and Vanan service also offers a transcription service.

Endowments of DVD Closed Captioning

You will also need a proxy movie - a small video such as Quicktime (H.264 320x240) is sufficient to make caption files. Check proxy_video for details. Once our service has both these items, we can start the closed captioning process, unlike the other DVD Closed captioning companies. After the captioning process is complete, we will email you a small .scc (for caption) or a subtitle file for your specific need. Depending on your workflow, the caption file may be used in many different ways. Check our DVD Closed captioning rates for details.

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